Commercial usage of OpenWrt?

Hello there!
I was thinking about this...
Are there any brand of router that uses OpenWrt as stock firmware?
Is it even posible to do it?
I mean, if a vendor wants to take advantage of some OpenWrt functionality... Could this vendor install it as stock and sell the routers?
What about an ISP? If an ISP wants to make its own OpenWrt build for it's routers... Are they allowed to do it?

Some vendors offer custom firmware on .

I don't think they have permission to use openwrt but EH aliexpress is fun

Yes, distributing a router with OpenWrt pre-installed is perfectly legal. They just need to share the source code for the modifications they did.


For the openwrt license, check

If not otherwise stated in the source files, the OpenWrt build environment is provided under the terms of the GNU General Public License Version 2.