Commercial Package Possibilities?

Linux beginner here, long time user. New to openwrt.

If I were to write a paid package that did cyber security/analytics based compute on cloud would I need to open source it under the terms of the openwrt license?

Technically the package would use utilities built into openwrt and linux to route packets through it's code and perform ML/ storage stuff on cloud machines.

I'm sorry, I'm not the best with licenses so posting this here, a few questions about commercial use but nothing goes over this.

Have you looked at Trademark and Licence policies? Corporate Contact might also be worth a look.

Edit: In generality, you must also comply with any GPL terms by the author(s).

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I took a brief read through these things, but I want to understand more about the license specifically. My package will be different and completely custom and written by me. I might make modifications in open-wrt and am completely okay with publishing that, but would I need to open-source my custom package?

I don't think it is required but I also would hate to be in violation of the license.

GPL is stricter on that front, LGPL and BSD licenses are more lenient in that regard.

@mustansirg A bit of research should offer you the answer, the GNU foundation has a FAQ that covers exactly that:

If a library is released under the GPL (not the LGPL), does that mean that any program which uses it has to be under the GPL?