Command to check trunk build version

hello everyone,

Currently i compile LEDE images for my wrt1900ac. Is there a command that will tell me what trunk/rev version it is? i.e i would like to know the version as seen on the LUCI dashboard e.g "r7337" or "r7290" etc.

I believe it is ./scripts/ or the like. It also generally reverses its output to a git commit.

(I'd normally check it, but computer is down right now.)

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Thanks. That works.

is it possible to compile an image against a previous git version/commit?
e.g currently git is at r7360 for LEDE. I would like to compile a build against r6874. Is that possible?

To get the commit that you want to backup to:

/scripts/ r6874

Thanks. I tried this but didnt get the expected result as what i thought i would.
i did the above script to get that version and then i ran the usual script, update, install and then make to comile the firwware. however my build shows the latest trunk version of today r7360. I was expecting a build for r6874.
Do i understand that incorrectly or did i miss a step to compile for an older version?

I saw you other post in my other thread, where you suggest ot modify the makefile to get an older module for the mwlwifi. however i dont know how to do that at the moment. But i can look into it if thats the onylway to to go.

You need to git checkout the correct commit.

$ /scripts/ r6874

$ git checkout 02225f576

Then compile (without updating any more).

But what do you actually want to do?
Just use an older mwlwifi driver?
That would be much simpler than reverting the whole repository into and old date.

Simply edit package/kernel/mwlwifi/Makefile to reflect the old version that you want. Hostory is here:;a=history;f=package/kernel/mwlwifi;hb=HEAD

You pretty much need to edit just three lines, like shown here:;a=commitdiff;h=a6f24c9a78dd9f557c25b0e7c3add6bc7c74a07c

The previous values for those lines can be seen from the commit history I linked above.

Thanks. I’ll look into that. However it looks like it’s not just the old mwlwifi driver that I need. I need the corresponding kernel module for that also. I.e kmod-mwlwifi. In fact it’s this kernel module that I think is causing the slow performance.
Sorry but I’m not a developer so my knowledge is limited when using git.