Command ssh cpu used with htop rt3200 belkin

hello everybody i have make wich test with my router

anyone can tell if is a good test with this command

i have run top -d 1 and top -d 3

i have soon fiber 1gbits / dl and up

wich recommandantion with this router sqm max seems 500 /500

any has test ?

or is better use fq colde with simple.qos

thanks for your response


Keep cool, just wait and see what happens once you're on your new contract. The device should be just around in the ballpark of that throughput, so just skip what-if's and test the real situation once you can.

and yes, I'm very interested in the results as well.

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I have one on 1000/500 fiber now but I'm not at the site so can't do much testing now. I don't yet have anything else in the network fast enough to run a test.

With OpenWrt, no SQM, it did speedtest 840/450 on the installer's laptop. This was 2x2 ac wifi at a short range.

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That is actually more than I'd expect from 2x2 in practice (well, at least for 80 MHz channel bandwidth).