Comfast / Joowin EW74 (Firmware Support)?

Is there any plans for JW EW74 supported firmware?

DDR: 64MB; Flash: 8MB
PA Chipset: 2.4G SKY85330, 5.8G SKY85735

Was just wondering I use OpenWrt with the older EW72 model which works great and would like to migrate move devices over to OpenWrt to use them in WDS mesh mode.

there's no such thing as a roadmap, when/if someone is willing to put in the time and effort, it might get supported.

8/64mb isn't very encouraging though -

I think it's a little late, but I am wondering if you managed to get it installed on this device? Thanks

the progress of an openwrt firmware is as much as you see in this thread.

there's , but it doesn't seem to have been submitted correctly.

Thanks. Yes I found that thread but also this one where it seems the build 69 was put together. I am not sure if that means we can compile the snapshot tho.