Comfast e314n not saving config

Hi, i just installed openwrt to my comfast e314n, but it seems its not saving my IP settings.
It does not save via command -
ifconfig br-lan
And from GUI openwrt

But if manually config via vi command and edit the /etc/config/network/wireless
It can be edited and it save, and i can install luci and get to the GUI,

That behaviour would suggest trouble with the overlay (in the best of cases you just being a bit too impatient, changing configuration before the overlay is ready). Before actually debugging, I'd flash the same (or newer) OpenWrt version (sysupgrade image) without keeping settings again, give it some time to settle before trying to access it (~5 minutes to be on the safe side) - if it works then, fine - if not, you'd need to do some debugging (logread, mount, df -h and dmesg might help).

thanks i will try your suggestion,. It just happened in e314, i manage to flash e130n without any problem saving configs fast and easy. I dont know why with this e314n is not doing its thing, I will try again and see with the overlay.

did not work, i waited 30min.
i tried doing it several times, i even tried TFTP.
after I clickd save&apply it reboot and did nothing saved.
with openwrt via ssh i can install luci just fine.
now I reverted back to stock FW. maybe openwrt has a bug or maybe its the newer Comfast 314n release that is causing problem with openwrt.

maybe anyone here can share some solution.

The Comfast E314n hardware isn't quite that common, so everything is possible - on the other hand it's bog standard ath79 hardware. In order to debug this, someone with the hardware (e.g. you) would have to provide debugging information (as mentioned in the example commands above, maybe more than that), in all likeliness it won't fix itself.