Comfast CF-E455AC with OpenWrt?

DTS is the "device tree source", it maps all the hardware address. For example, the ethernet controller address, the led address and etc.

got it! I'm looking at some examples ...

I created the file mt7628an_comfast_cfe455ac.dts (still empty) in target/linux/ramips/dts/

include an empty structure in target/linux/ramips/image/

define Device/mt7628an_comfast_cfe455ac

TARGET_DEVICES += mt7628an_comfast_cfe455ac

OK for now?

no, an empty define without any variables will not build anything, you have to collect information in order to fill in the generic variables you see in other examples, fill in the blank here

define Device/mt7628an_comfast_cfe455ac
  IMAGE_SIZE := _____k
  DEVICE_VENDOR := Comfast
TARGET_DEVICES += mt7628an_comfast_cfe455ac

for IMAGE_SIZE, this is the size of the firmware partition in KB

for example if you find the size of firmware partition (kernel + rootfs on OEM)
to be something like
in DTS you would have something like this

                        partition@50000 {
                                compatible = "denx,uimage";
                                label = "firmware";
                                reg = <0x050000 0x450000>;

where the reg values are
reg = <start length>;

then 0x45 is the number of 64 KB size blocks in hexadecimal
so you convert 0x45 to decimal and multiply by 64

thanks, i will try some things ...

but before trying I backed up the eeprom

the flash memory is a winbond 25q128jvsq (16mb)
Download: comfast-e455ac.bin
ssh and login password is openwrt

Again if you are loading an initramfs over TFTP using the bootloader, the flash is safe, and you can test that as much as you want as well as back up partitions

if the OEM software is also based on openwrt then you have some tools already available in the command line to do software only backup

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Hi all.
@sombrakey, have you succeeded with flushing OpenWRT?

Hi, I have not achieved anything for now :frowning: