Comfast cf-e385ac

Im considering buying this AP for openwrt, all i want is use it as AP connected by cable. In a future i may considere buy more and use wifi roamming. It will be mounted on a wall so the POE is a good feature to keep things simple. Does anyone has any experience with this AP or with any other that I should considere for 120€? Thx for your advice.

This week i bought the Ubiquiti Unifi-UAP-LR. I had doubt if i should had buy the comfast AP or de Ubiquiti, but finally i went for the Ubiquiti. I can tell you that the wifi signal is amazing. It can perfectly double the coverage of a regular router, and the stability its just amazing.
Near the AP i get 450 Mbps over 5ghz in my S10+. On 2.4ghz i get like 100, but the phone only runs 1 stream. Even when the phone has 0 of 4 coverage stripes it works fine withouth increased ping.

What make me decide to go for the Ubiquiti is that i couldnt find reviews of any AC comfast AP, and probably the build quality of the Ubiquiti its better. I know it doesnt have MU-MIMO and other things, but i don't think the comfast could do better job. I wont never know.

Thx for your reply. I already own a Unifi-UAP-LR. As you said its really stable. However im not so happy with his speed. 60€ Chinese routers achieve better throughput. The 2.4ghz range is quite good however the 5ghz is just on the avarege. It's also quite old and the price is still the same, i think it has the same price now than 2 years ago when i bought mine. I like Ubiquiti however it's not so cheap anymore. The nano HD is really which has similar specs than this comcast is 40€ more expensive and uses a mediatek chipt instead of a qualcom... On the other hand as you said i have not being able to get feedback from people who owns a CF-E385AC... so if i don't get it, it is possible that i end buying another LR-AC...

There's no feedback for the CF-E385AC or any other AP from comfast. You have to know something, you wont get better speeds in the comfast because its has the same CPU than the ubiquiti, and the CPU of the ubiquiti is what limits the speed (as i said i reach 450 Mbps with iperf, but if i set wifi unencrypted then i can get over 500 without getting his CPU at 100%).

The 5ghz band its powerfull than any other router i tried. I'll give you some tips, first if you have openwrt on the ubiquiti delete packets ath10k-firmware-qca988x-ct and kmod-ath10k-ct and then install the ath10k-firmware-qca988x and kmod-ath10k. In 2.4ghz use channel 1 with 40 mhz bandwitch and in 5ghz use a channel bigger than 100. Try this and tell me if its better

Maybe a GL-B1300? It's still on my wishlist so I don't have any personal experience with it, but an IPQ4028 should have decent wireless performance (it's only 2x2 + 2x2 so definitely not as good as the cf-e385ac, but most devices won't be able to utilize more than 2 streams anyway imo). PoE is optional ($7) and it comes with a wall-mount bracket I think.