Comfast CF-E312A Wireless Bridge Drops Connection Randomly

Hi All,

I'm new to wireless bridges and networking. Please refer to the connection setup attached below for your reference.

Last year, I installed a cctv camera in our elevator and so far it has been working as expected however I've been experiencing problems with the pair of Comfast CF-E312A inside the elevator shaft. The wireless bridge connection randomly drops and I cannot access their IP addresses ( and from my computer. In order to restore connection, I have to walk all the way and then unplug and plug the POE line of POE Adaptor #2 in order to restore the connection. However after a few days, the connection drops again and I lose my video stream of the elevator.

I have already replaced the POE line of POE Adaptor #2 with a new CAT5 cable yet the connection still randomly drops.

As for the other two video streams ( and, they are working fine as I have never experienced drops in their connection. Therefore the problem is only unique to the wireless bridge inside the elevator shaft.

Hopefully, you guys can help me out as I'm really lost.

To add to this, whenever the wireless bridge connection drops the LED of the port (where POE Adaptor #2 is connected) in the Milesight POE Switch is still on but is not blinking at all.