Comcast ISP/Plan 1200mpbs, router to replace x86_mini PC?

All versions of the Raspberry Pi have severe supply problems. Have you located any dealer that actually has them in stock?

The chip on the expansion board is a RTL8111, which uses the R8169 driver, which is supported and it may be built in. As long as you have one working port (the built in one) you can easily get the board online and install additional packages.

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Yes only stock available where I am is 2gb RAM 'Lite' wireless model. But that suits me well

Noted, thanks. I hope both ports work though immediately because I want to get this for my parents where I can remote SSH for firmware updates.

If only 1 port works initially, it becomes a hassle to be able to connect to the internet and SSH

You need to unplug from modem, connect to an existing router for internet access, download the driver, then reconnect to modem.

This is not a problem for me to do at my place - but a problem for my parents nearly 70 year old in a different location.

Dual ports working immediately solves a lot of these practical issues - mainly for updates.

Or if there were a major issue that needed to install from scratch.

The attended-sysupgrade system though it is still rather beta it has been working OK lately. That makes it easy to run an upgrade with your additional packages automatically built in. You can also use the image server or run Image Builder yourself.

For this case you really should have duplicate identical hardware at home to test your upgrades on before running remotely.

Make that port the WAN so that it still works after the upgrade. Their LAN would be down until you get the other port back up.

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Good idea. I guess it's cheap enough to try.

Problem is how do I SSH to it.

If I use OpenSSH keys and the private key is stored on their computer, I would do remote desktop sharing and then SSH to CM4 on their LAN.

But if LAN is down after an update or re-install, this method would be out.

Is there any way for me to OpenSSH key remotely, that is safe?

That way yes, connection to WAN will be enough temporarily till I do updates to enable LAN. Temporary downtime of LAN is no big deal. But just need to be able to ssh safely.

I use the SSH keys now which is good.

Another option is to get NanoPi R4S and just give them that. And i use the CM4. I think R4S works out the box with dual gigabit ? I have to check

Currently emailing ebay sellers to find one with the pcie port. Will document the whole process/build, post it and tag you in it. :wink:

SSH Tunnelling:

SSH Tunneling Explained:
Resource 1
Resource 2

SSH Wireguard with Proxy/vpn:
Will require some googling as I don't have links now. Hopefully can include later.

Prevent attacks:
Port Security Knockd

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How did it go, @randoctr?

Hey, sorry for the late response.

I will update with pictures and details tomorrow.

OpenWrt is running nice,

There is a few goals on the software to be setup.

I am waiting for the official bracket to arrive, so far have been using the 3d printed one.

The company that is helping to ship the correct bracket has been having some internal issues but they have been great on fixing it.

It seemed it leaved via airline a few days ago so should be here soon.

Working on properly documenting.

I am learning so much from this project and a big thanks to the community for all the help.

Plan to post to the community builds category once its done.

Will reply with link when its posted.

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