Combining Connections over VPN

Kind of an odd situation but here goes. I currently have two Internet WAN connections, both of them are used and I have application level load balancing working. However, it occurred to me that if I could somehow load balance the connection to a VPN, then both WAN connections would combine into a single connection that (assuming the VPN could handle it) would give me the combined speed of both on regular networking.

I've not come across a load balancer that can do this OOTB, I could write something, the concept is easy enough, a local server that accepts UDP packets, splits the UDP packets across both WANs and sends them across both WANs to the VPS the VPN is hosted on, a remote application on the VPS side that stiches them back together and sends them on to the VPN server (and in reverse of course). But it would be a bit of an effort. So the question is if such software already exists? Anyone know of anything that would fit the bill?

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