ColubrisNetworks CN320

Hoping to flash this AP with some form of custom firmware, found some info about it here on the openWRT site :

anyone know if there's anything I can do with this AP?

Given what I read there, that it was back in 2015 or so, and that it has a 133 MHz PowerPC processor and only 32 MB of RAM, it probably isn't worth the time to try to port it to OpenWrt at this time. Those specs were good in the days of a 30 mbps line being fast, but can't comfortably handle current Linux or more than perhaps 50 mbps of throughput.

With good-quality devices that have 16 MB of flash, 128 MB of RAM, and 750 MHz-class SoCs that support current 802.11 standards available starting at ~US$20, the time/benefit ratio of an old device like that isn't very attractive to most people.

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It's more of an experiment than anything, I'm doing a workterm and one of my tasks assigned was basically "See what you can do with this" isn't very encouraging and

Note that the OEM firmware is encrypted (CIM file format?)

seems like a "challenge".

I don't know what is considered "success" by the one that assigned you the task, but perhaps either bringing up or confirming those two things might allow you to get a more tractable assignment.