Collecting WiFi Signatures in Community Repository

We started a project to collect WiFi Signatures in a user friendly way:
WiFi-Signatures allow you to identify a device based on the WiFi properties.

Instead of having just some sql databse we allow to export all data in a user friendly json format and upload it to GitHub. Everyone can run this server on its own.

I recently took over the development of this platform. It is based on Django.
I would like to receive some feedback and help to collect all the WiFi Signatures for the devices.
If you want to contribute I can give you some account.

The idea is based on the Wifi Taxonomy Project .

Next step is to allow information to be displayed in Luci.

to be more useful, it should contain chipset info for each device too.

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Thanks. :slight_smile: I will add this information.

Actually, I'm not sure if it is better to handle the same device with different chipsets as individual devices or add all chipsets.

With that it is possible for example to add the device to the Associated Stations.

httpclient is not working with https?

Here the code: