Collectd-mod-threshold config


I installed the collectd-mod-threshold plugin, but don't see any config templates for it and I would be interested in examples.

Note that this is different for the collectd-mod-exec plugin which I installed as well:

/etc/config/luci_statistics:config statistics 'collectd_exec'
/etc/config/luci_statistics-    option enable '1'
/etc/config/luci_statistics:config collectd_exec_notify
/etc/config/luci_statistics-    option cmdline '/usr/bin/stat-dhcpusers'
/etc/config/luci_statistics-    option cmduser 'nobody'
/etc/config/luci_statistics-    option cmdgroup 'nogroup'
/etc/collectd.conf:LoadPlugin exec
/etc/collectd.conf:<Plugin exec>
/etc/collectd.conf-     NotificationExec "nobody:nogroup" "/usr/bin/stat-dhcpusers"

I believe that notifications from the threshold plugin can be consumed by the exec plugin and trigger the execution of any collectd_exec_notify script.

Do I miss something? I would be interested in any example i.e. for threshold configurations.

Thank you!

Not all of the collectd-mod- plugins from the repository are supported in OpenWrt.

Thank you! Understood.
Does the section "Add notification command" in LuCI's Exec Plugin Configuration page ..

.. refer to something other than notifications from the collectd-mod-threshold plugin?

I have no understanding of the workings of the collectd-mod-threshold plugin, but based on your OP regarding the Notifications-and-thresholds explanation from the GitHub description regarding using it specifically as it pertains to the collectd-mod-exec plugin, I would expect the behaviour to be consistent. (OpenWrt is currently built on V5.12)

Unless another member chimes in, it would be up to you to ascertain whether it suits your purpose. Keep in mind that the collectd-mod-exec plugin does come with some security concerns. You should read the respective man page.