Collectd-mod-sqm plugin not showing up in Statistics setup

Hi all,

I am running SQM on OpenWrt 22.03.5 on x86.
Everything is working fine except I am not able to follow SQM stats in luci-app-statistics despite installing collectd-mod-sqm (5.12.0-34). SQM itself is working correctly.

I do not know if it is of any importance, but I cannot see the sqm plugin in "/usr/lib/collectd".

Is there any manual step I need to do to do? Where is SQM plugin located by defualt and what do I need to do to make it appear as chosable data source in statistics page?

Also, I see that there is a upgrade available for luci-app-.statistics: luci-app-statistics git-23.093.42314-fcb96f5 ยป git-23.153.53801-38f5b55 but everyone says that one should be careful with updating modules. Should I try it?


P.S. For what its worth: /usr/libexec/collectd/ is available, but I cannot see it running (in top or when running ps). Should this shell script be started manually or added in startup for SQM reporting to work?

Nevermind. I got it working by manually following steps described here: SQM Reporting? - #78 by bahtsiz_bedevi

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