Collectd-mod-ping alternative for dual/multi-wan?

Greetings to All!

i have a bit semi-complicated OpenWRT setup but i am trying to 'fuse' them into 1 instance..., below is my current setup

i am using: "collectd-mod-ping" in 'OpenWRT-A' & in 'OpenWRT-B' so far, no problems/issues...

as i am in the process of making just 1 instance of OpenWRT, i stumbled accross 'collectd-mod-ping' that it is unable to monitor more than 1 wan interface.

i have read this but i don't quite understand it: Collectd-mod-ping: Multiple devices or sourceaddresses

what are my current alternative/options on monitoring (health/statistics) individual wan interfaces?

Since you linked the thread I created so time ago, I thought I'd answer:

I solved this issue by simply putting two different Raspberry Pis (RPis) behind the router and routing them only through one wan interface (using mwan3 rules).

Means, RPi1 will always use wanA and RPi2 will always use wanB. Should a failover happen, one of the RPis will report that the destination is not reachable, which is expected, as I force each of the RPis through a specific wan-interface.

For monitoring the "outside" (well-known IPs, such as or I use Smokeping (each of the RPis have their own Smokeping instance running). I know, it's aged, but does the job very well for about a year now.

Sure, my solution requires two more devices (which I had at my disposal by coincidence), but unfortunately, I wasn't able to find any solution using only my OpenWrt router :confused:

I hope this helps to weigh your options! :slight_smile:

in the setup above, OpenWRT-A & OpenWRT-B also has exclusive pi-hole(s) running.
since my plan is to combine/fuse my 3 OpenWRT into 1 instance, so as my plan with pi-hole.

thanks for the info!, i'll read more about smokeping.