Collaborating OpenWrt, OpenVPN, PiHole on RPi3

the project that I want to build was creating Secure Mobile Router using Raspy 3, OpenWrt, OpenVPN, and Pi-Hole. The goal was creating secure connection when connecting to public Wi-Fi. Raspy 3 that I used is gonna connect to public Wi-Fi and rebroadcasting secure network with OpenVPN and Pi-Hole. The reference was make This Video and This Forum Post into one.

Right now both of the service OpenVPN and Pi-Hole are working but OpenVPN on tun0 interface was only working on Radio1 interface (rebroadcasting secure wifi) which is the same as video link above and Pi-Hole on Macvlan interface running on Docker only work on Lan interface which is the same like to post forum above.

Now I'm confused what to config on OpenWrt so the Radio1 using OpenVPN and Pi-Hole at the same time. What should I config ?