Code search service for OpenWrt projects

Hi, I recently discovered but thought the used software is a bit... old. I quickly fired up a Hound instance, feel free to give it a try:

If people like it a lot, we could replace the service.

No code browsing, no syntax highlighting, no inline links. So this thing is newer but apart from that lacks all the features?

Why are newer projects not included on lxr (e.g. firewall4, qosify)?

Because I simply didn't add them yet.

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Touché. I asked because those are 2 of my favorite projects to study. :nerd_face:

I agree, looking at the project more closely there is more missing. If lxr has all recent project, let's stick with that.

Maybe we can brush up LXR a little bit with some CSS.

Another approach would be to mirror all our projects over to GitHub and use their "organization" wide code search. That would allows us to host no code search at all.

The code search technology preview they have is better than their search box (At least when I use it, occasionally), but it's not widely available right now. It's got a couple nice things like jump to definition/usage.

It would be a bit sad if they plan to paywall it after they're finished testing.

I also note that the current github search (ie. The search box at the top of each page), has a fairly aggressive throttling for users that aren't logged in. (I've hit it a couple times just flicking through result pages when not logged in)

Hound looks okay too, but I suspect some people might actually just end up closing the tab and searching their local filesystems, because they're finding their eyes hurt from the light theme :stuck_out_tongue:

For me LXR is not primarily about code search (I do have grep -r for that) but the interlinking. Ability to "click through" code, jumping to definitions, quickly find call sites etc.

What about Elixir from Bootlin?
I personally use it every day for the projects they support on their public-hosted version.
Its AGPLv3 and LXR inspired basically:

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