Cmake package missing?

Is there a cmake package? I can not find any cmake package. Just make, automake, gcc, ...
I want to compile kernel modules in OpenWrt itself.

That’s why the build root environment exists. It creates a cross compile toolchain on any host hardware . Even if you managed to get everything needed to compile within openwrt it would take a very long time to complete (days to weeks)

I know. But the toolchain was not working properly. Just wanted a quick workaround.
Why should compiling last longer on openwrt? It depends on the hardware?

Yeh if you are wanting to compile stuff on a router it’ll take ages because the hardware is so minimal. (Only exception would be if you were running x86_64 version of openwrt I guess)

I use a VM :wink:

I’ve had no issues using Centos and Manjaro to compile openwrt for several years.. maybe give either of these a try (within a VM if that’s easier)

I'm using Manjaro. ^^
The Makefile is doing silly things. I thought I just try to compile it on OpenWrt. To do that, I need to package CMake...

If there is no cmake in the repo, or from one of the community repos, then you’re probably back to square one, fixing the toolchain. :wink:

What error(s) are you getting when you try to compile things?

Finally it compiles. But when I execute the binary, it fails. I think this is because something was compiled against my operating system and not my target.

I have to look at the Makefile and figure out how exactly I can use it. I thought I first give it a try and compile the stuff on openwrt.

But I can not be the first one who wants to write its own bpf programs on p
Openwrt?! I know that some packages have bpf in it. I looked at their makefile, but they do strange things too...

Ah fair enough - I hadn’t seen your other thread. Best keep the discussion for it over there.

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