CM520 download file from openwrt 403

Where can I download
This link returns 403.

mobipromo_cm520-79f-initramfs-fit-zImage.itb 48a662f547bd87941f17da69cc8095275955724b030fc61f73b2c4b573fd7ab0 5153.1 KB Sun Jul 19 11:16:59 2020

according to I need this file to flash cm520 to openwrt.


@jow @thess Can you please clarify why this image returns 403?
factory + sysupgrade image links are working, just not the initramfs image.

For some reason (probably permissions), ALL .itb files are returning 403. I am about to go out for few hours - I'll check on it later today unless someone else fixes it.

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I corrected the perms on the files affected however, I think the build system staging of these files needs to be examined to see if it can be prevented. I have not looked at the build system in quite a while so I need to spend some time with it in order to find the cause of the problem. It would be nice if @jow would look into this when he returns from vacation.

Great thanks. I'll wait to fix. Seems like all initramfs can not download..

I located the root cause of this problem. It is in the u-boot mkimage utility - it creates the file with 0700 perms. I have a patch to fix the problem which I'll push to our source repo in a bit.


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