Cloud managment software for Access Point

i want to write a softwre that allow me to configure the AP over the cloud, manly we want to have OEM Access point but all the manufacturer in china did not allow us to access the software of cloud managment and i noticed that all of them using MTK or Qualcomm
can any one help me how to build this and how can i update AP firmware ?


knock yourself out
there's also

what would you like them to use ?

this what ?

depends on the AP ?

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thank you for your reply i ment MTK or Qualcomm to limit it iam fine with it but from wehre to start with those two chip can i write direct code to manage them or still the manufactrer need to gieve access to the firmware, and if they refuse can i replace that firmware ?
i want to build somthing like this becase the refuse to allow access to the code and my customer is asking for more features :

this is example of the AP i want to use:

pay them well enough, and they'll do it for you, but you should probably talk to the
people who created the device, not the chip maker.

you're barking up the wrong tree here, you don't appear to have any openwrt (specific) questions.
what would you like us to do ? hold your hand ?