[Close] How to extend/increase 'process memory(?)/handle' limit to execute multi-depth nested script?


Have no idea how to describe what I'm looking for...but let me try it.

I'm running Transmission in my WRT32x as one of daemon from tons of daemon which I install.
And make transmission call script after download completed and set up the completion script.
But thing is that
the script calls another nested scripts as chain. Total 3 depth of shell script to execute what I want.
But seem that 3rd last script never called(even NO crash.).
So....I'd like to increase any of process limit to call more nested script.
Questions are

  • Which of parameters are involved in the behavior(to call many depth of nested script)?
  • Where I can find the parameters for that?

(Fyi, the device is WRT32x but many of custom services are running on with 1 GB swap file on external SSD.)

(The focus of question has been changed in another way in another topic)

Can you provide a link?

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