Clients can't go any faster then 802.11G

Devices I know have a 802.11N card can't go faster then 802.11G speeds. Any idea why this is happening? I have the 2.4Ghz network set to N and I see the menu called it BGN. I did a speed test with nothing else drawing any real bandwidth.

check the logs, see what they have to say about the device and what it
negotiates at.

There are also a lot of possible causes from the RF environment you are
operating in.

under /sys/devices you can find lots of detailed info on each device attached to
you, and one of the files shows how much data is being sent and received at what

Mmh you seem to have a bunch of topics don't you?
Maybe it was easier just to open 1 topic with all your problems. Right now you have a bunch of unresolved topics even while you know the answer.

I seem to remember that you spoke about disabling WMM in one of your other topics. Since WMM is a requirement of 802.11n to work all clients will be forced to 802.11g instead.

I reenabled WMM. That is how I got up to 802.11g speeds It was only 20 mb/s before that. Also, I thought it would be better to have each topic a problem intstead of one topic with a list of problems.

If you made one topic it would show how your device is setup. Otherwise you'll get a bunch of general answers even while you may have mentioned the counter answer in another topic.

I got 40 Mhz working. That got speed up to 80-100 Mb/s. The 2.4 Ghz band is rated to a theoretical. 800 Mb/s. I didn't expect to get that high but I expect a lot higher then 80-100 Mb/s

This entirely depends on your MiMo configuration. Each pair can handle 20Mhz 75Mb's and 40Mhz 150Mb's. A 2x2 setup can handle up to 300Mb's and so on. This all is theoretical ofc.

With most drivers, the status page will show the connect MCS speed of each client, and whether 20 or 40 MHz.

Those are raw radio speeds. Speedtest results will be considerably lower because the radio can't transmit 100% of the time.

UPDATE - duplicate of: Security issue with Password and 40 MHz Network

There has been other threads about this.

That thread (you also started) was partially regarding not obtaining 40 MHz bandwidth on capable equipment. I have an 802.11n device on 2.4 GHz. LEDE properly checks neighboring SSID on the channels to ensure that they're not congested before changing to 40 MHz mode. Oftentimes, when I connect to my access point, I only observe 20 MHz bandwidth until I perform actions such as a speed test. During that time, the LEDE's transmit often changes to 40 MHz for the duration of the traffic - and then returns to 20 MHz.