Client ( relay ) + Ap curious solution -> MT7620

I use some OpenWrt in client mode ( relay ) + master AP and:

1 - With MT300N-V2 ( MT7628 ) i have no problem i can use the same psk2 security key in both modes
minidlna and samba run fine

2 - With WT23020-8M , Kimax U25AWF-H1 , Kimax U25CWF or MiniHere MT7620A ( firmware Zbtlink ZBT-WR8305RT) i have the same problem

For the AP mode if i use a psk2 key i cannot use samba & minidlna ( box unreachable unless from the openwrt i ping my computer )
without psk2 key run fine

It's not very important because I can validate putting protected access to files access in samba mode but it's weird ( minidlna not file access protected ) …

Question : Why , driver ?