Client or Bridge Mode

Hello, I have a interesting problem that I need some help with. Essentially I am on a campus network with WPA2 Enterprise. I have a NAS on the ethernet in my room that can be accessed from the Wifi network across campus. I also have a google chromecast with google tv that doesn't have an ethernet port near it being as it is in the living room and doesn't support WPA2 Enterprise. My idea is to use my TL-WR802N that I flashed with openwrt to act as a client or bridge that is connected to the chromecast via ethernet and to my campus wifi. This way I should be able to stream movies off my NAS to my chromecast. Any help would be appreciated.

Or connect the wr802n to the NAS' LAN, acting as an AP, for the chromecast connect to?

I've tried that but unfortunately the range is pretty terrible and it doesn't make the distance to the living room from my room. The campus router however is on the other side of the living room wall so I'll get good connectivity which is why I need it to work the way I said above. Sorry I should have been more clear.


The wr802n only have one radio, start by making sure it's capable of receiving and transmitting a wifi signal at the same time....

I was wanting to connect the ethernet port on the wr802n to the ethernet on the chromecast. So the only wifi connection would be to the campus wifi.

Ah, it's not the CC I thought it was.

Well, in that case, just try to connect to the campus WiFi, but you'll probably need to replace the wpad.

So TL-WR802N is connected to campus WiFi and connected by ethernet to chromecast. Would that work? WR802N gets IP as client on campus network, and is then the chromecast also a client of the campus WiFi network? Sorry I'm still learning networking basics, but am keen to learn.

I don't think this is going to work the way you want it to. If I understand correctly you want the OpenWrt device to act as a client and yet you also want it to bridge to an Ethernet network. I don't think you can bridge the Ethernet with a client wireless

You could route but then the Chromecast won't act like it's connected to the campus network. (Though security wise connecting a Chromecast to a campus network is a nightmare). Your best bet is probably to install a switch and connect the Chromecast to campus network, or VPN into your "home" network to stream (better)

at least in theory, trial and error :wink:

but I'd connect the WR802 to a computer first, using an ethernet cable, so you can see what's actually going on, and giving you more control.