Client mode without broadcasting?


I'm afraid this should be an easy question, but I'm having trouble finding it in the documentation: can OpenWrt work in client mode (as described in but while not broadcasting its own wireless network? I believe I set up a DD-WRT device to do this years ago -- connect to my router wirelessly, and provide wired ethernet connections, but do not rebroadcast the wireless network at all (because the OpenWrt/DD-WRT device is much older and less secure than my main router and I don't want it diluting the wifi environment in any way) -- but I can't figure out how to do it with OpenWrt.


Yes, setting up an additional AP interface is an optional step. If possible, is the most reliable approach (same story here, re-broadcasting the wireless is optional).

Oh, that's great, thanks! I misunderstood. So, by following the documentation I linked, I won't have configured an additional AP at all? I think the transmit power setting may have misled me, I'm not used to configuring that for clients.