Client is directly connected to wan after reboot

My ethernet connection is :

Client(windows10) -> Router(OpenWrt) -> wan

when i reboot the router, the client is connected directly to wan instead of the router (the hostname visible on client is the wan's hostname instead of the router's hostname), until i run flushdns and renew ip in the client (ipconfig /flushdns && ipconfig /renew), how to get rid of this ?

Don't connect your windows computer to wan? Try a lan port instead?

The client is connected to router's lan, not wan

What is the make/model of your OpenWrt device?

Some devices suffered from "switch leaking" upon reboot or network reset.

it is an indonesian rebrand from generic chinese product, the firmware i use is for Zbtlink ZBT-WR8305RT

One of my routers, a linksys E2000 ( not running OpenWRT), does the same.
The switch is basically a 5 port switch and when powered up it acts first as a 5 port switch so my clients get an ip address of the router higher up on the WAN.
If the software is loaded then it is acting as a router/firewal, but clients then have already the wrong IP address.

It could be your router does the same, in that case not much you can do about it

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i was wondering if a network reload or perhaps ifdown ifup command by a hotplug script has an effect on this

Sorry. Your first post was bereft of any useful information. It looked like you were saying your computer was connected to wan. My bad.