Client IPv6 details are not showing in associated client list


In the associated client list we have only client IPv4 details.
Is it possible to add client IPv6 details in associated client list page.

Thanks in advance.

Yeah, I've noticed this, too. I think it's something to do with the wider issue of OpenWrt using both dnsmasq and dhchpd for IPv4 and IPv6 allocation. The interface doesn't seem to feedback the DHCP client ID or hostname to all elements of LUCI (or possibly the underlying subsystems).

This has become apparent to me, recently, when looking at the reports for Adblock, as I can't easily tell what devices requesting IPv6 clients are.

I thought it was because of statelessness (in some setups). Remember, only DHCPv6 is stateful.

You don't see an IPv6 Neighbors list on your install?

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I see an "Active DHCPv6 Leases" section under "DHCP and DNS" as follows:

...but no "IPv6 Neighbours". I've always thought it odd that only my PS4 has a name under Host :thinking: I know there's a selection of iOS, Mac, Android, Windows, Sony home theatre and Amazon devices all operating on IPv6 on my LAN.

FWIW, I'm running davidc502's custom Linksys image with a tunnel and a delegated /48

Look under Status > Routes.

Ah, interesting, never looked at that before!

Yes, I have a load of entries under IPv6 Neighbours, all of which are on the routed prefix. However, there are 14 entires on that list and only 8 on the DHCPv6 leases list. There's some commonality between the two, but only a couple of addresses.

Curiously, the Routes table has a number of repeated MAC addresses. I.e. same MAC address, different IPv6 address. Is this evidence of privacy extension and address randomisation?

For that answer, consult your client's config.

Also running the command ip -6 addr on that client should result in the old privacy addresses showing: scope global temporary deprecated dynamic.

I bet you have 6 Androids. They only use stateless addressing.

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Thanks, I obviously need to RTFM :grinning:

Hi all,

Is there any way to add IPv6 details on associated client list page?

Thanks in advance.

  • Are you referring to WiFi?
  • Do you see them on the IPv6 Neighbors list?

Hi @lleachii,

Yes, while connecting to any VAP not showing client IPv6 Address.

Yes, I have checked on IPv6 neighbors list. It is showing only the LAN connected client list.
But I need to get the details of the client connected which are connected wireless on GUI on wireless overview page just like we have IPv4 details.

My device shows wireless-based IPv6 neighbors. Otherwise, your device may not be sending those packets; and there would be no way to display them. That would be an issue of the company/OEM who created the: phone, IoT device, etc.'s operating system.

If you're literally asking if someone can move the IPv6 Neighbors screen to the overview page - yes, that's obviously possible in code.

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