Client hostname not displayed in DHCP lease file

Thansk for your time reading this post.
Searched, found one similar post, still want to dig deeper

Hardware: Qualcomm IPQ8072
Software: 15.05

Issue description: DHCP client hostname was shown as ? in luci, in tmp/, it was shown as *

Additional info: Wireshark capture shows client hostname was successfully transmitted to AP during DHCP exchange. Updated dnsmasq from 2.79 to 2.80, issue remained.

I understand static lease might solve the problem, however, the device will be deployed in non-fixed-clients environment and this feature is required to identify clients easily.

Any inputs are welcome!

Can you post an image showing the fields decoded in wireshark for the dhcp process?
(My guess is something in the spec that’s optional and usually populated , but dnsmasq expects to be there, or something like that. The more info you can provide the better)

Which device model are we talking about?

If it is running pure OpenWrt firmware, you should update. OpenWrt 15.05 is unmaintained and has multiple security vulnerabilities.