Client bridge with eduroam network is capped at 6 Mbit/s bitrate when it should be at least 10x as much?

I had been figuring out OpenWRT, and after arduous searching I found that LEDE had built in support for the 5G radio band on my R6100 Netgear Router that I wanted to client bridge to my dormitory's eduroam network. I wanted to bridge it so I could connect some devices to the eduroam network that do not support Enterprise encryption, so as to obtain the faster speed it provides over the wall ethernet jack.

I finally managed to get it bridged (was a lot simpler on LEDE than OpenWRT, OpenWRT would never connect), but once I set up the client and 2 local Wifi access points, the speed devices connected to the network maxes out at around 6-8 mbps download. This is much lower than the 70-140 mbps I have received on eduroam before. When I look at the Wifi settings on LEDE or in the System Overview, I see that the local access points from my router are putting out ~130 mbps max, but are limited by the eduroam client that says, "Bitrate: 6 Mbit/s". I can not seem to figure out how to fix this issue, it should not be so low of a speed. Can anyone offer some advice?

It sounds like your router is connecting to eduroam at 6mbit. This probably means not a very good signal at your router. Try moving it, adjusting antennas etc. 5kHz can be finicky through walls and around corners etc.

The thing is that the eduroam repeater/access point is just about 15 ft. away, on the ceiling, just outside my door. After posting this late last night, I messed around and scanned for eduroam on the 2.4GHz channel, and got a bitrate of over 100 Mbit/s, but when connecting to the 2.4GHz access point, I only saw speeds of around 20 mbps down, when it still should be around 100 mbps down at that time of night. I cannot seem to figure out how to get the bitrate fixed on the 5GHz radio band.

Edit: So this seems important, when I delete the eduroam client, and the 5GHz band still operates without the client, it still shows 6 Mbit/s under the radio in the LEDE interface.

When you connect a device to your router via 5ghz does it work at normal speeds? Perhaps the driver for your router isn't very good? I don't know anything about your hardware

I disabled the 2.4 GHz channel and have only the 5GHz operating with a client for eduroam, I can manage about HALF of the speed eduroam is capable of with an added 100 ms latency. It still shows 6 Mbit/s on the radio controller.

I don't know what drivers there would be, I am confused about that part.

My stats say 6 Mbits/s as well...however, that's not the transfer rate, it's the physical layer net bitrate.

When downloading a file, I get 433 Mbits/s transfer rate for 5 Ghz.

I think your issue lies somewhere else.

What channel, channel width, and encryption are you using?

Is SQM enabled?

That is a 2x2 AC 5ghz radio, it really shouldn't be that shit.

Are you asking for 40 mhz? What mode is it in? What does iwinfo say about your client interface?