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As a noob and first timer openwrt but a little experience with Kubuntu, I have in vain searched for some kind of help commands. I know of eg. help and man in the terminal in Kubuntu. Is there any helping commands in cli in openwrt?

If not, would it be possible to install some?

Most commands are the same as in vanilla Linux.

What exactly are you trying to do?

There's no offline help, occupies too much precious flash space.


Read the docs:


Most general commandline tools included are from busybox, you can read busybox manpage on any linux system and it should help.

The same is true for most extra tools you install - manuals on any other linux system should work.

For OpenWRT specific stuff online docs are the only choice...


Thanks for fast reply to all.
I should have mentioned that I am running a Teltonika router and it is based upon openwrt, but maybe they have made changes to it.
I am trying to shut down the simcard or the transmission to the cellphone tower to reduce data consumption while test the device's other functions.
Online is claimed that /etc/init.d/gsmd stop should do the job. It does only stop the GUI from showing info about it, but still transfers data. Ended up removing the simcard.
Another command: ifdown ppp also claims that it stops the data traffic. But for some reason cli responds with : Interface ppp not found
Cli is BusyBox v1.30.1
The interface I want to shutdown is wwan0
Thanks in advance

If you're using their openwrt version, you should really ask them.

Free surf, using TTL 65, is a nice workaround :wink:

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Hello again.

I will look into that at some point.

Have contacted Teltonika and got fast respone. But his answer was that I should check via ifconfig and find the interface name. Which is wwan0. But do you know how I combine the ifdown ppp with the interface name? I have tried many combinations but still get the same Interface not found.

Shouldn't bringing down the interface (wwan0) be enough?

Yes I think so. Please bare with me, I am quite new to this but want to learn doing it via cli - want to transfer to Linux.

ifdown [-anmvf] [-i FILE] IFACE...
-a De/configure all interfaces automatically
-i FILE Use FILE for interface definitions
-n Print out what would happen, but don't do it
(note: doesn't disable mappings)
-m Don't run any mappings
-v Print out what would happen before doing it
-f Force de/configuration

Above is from man page.

Should the command be: ifdown -f [ -i File ] wwan0 replacing [ -i File ] with complete path to the file that contains the ifdown command ? If yes, do you know where it is located? I have tried to use grep ifdown to locate it, it just blinks at me.

As you see, the only required parameter, is the interface name.

I don't know how it is in RUTOS, but in OpenWrt you have to use ifup/ifdown in combination with the "logical" interface names set in /etc/config/network.

ifconfig shows the "physical" interface names, so if you see wwan0 then use ifconfig wwan0 down

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Thank you for directing me to that file Network. Found the logical ifname which was 'mob1s1a1'

And the command that worked was just ifdown 'mob1s1a1'

Great and thanks again.


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