CLI commands to update the updatable

Hi everyone, it has been discussed several times but I continue to have difficulty updating Openwrt on my Archer C7 V5 router. I need a CLI command that allows me to update all the programs that have available updates. I can't update them one at a time. Then I have another problem, every time I update the firmware from the menu I lose all the plugs installed from the list of services but the settings are kept because when I re-install them I find them already configured.

Upgrades between major versions (eg 17.x to 18.x , 18.x to 19.x ) are huge jumps for some of the low level Linux files . The config sometimes changes significantly, and the recommendation is to back up your device Configs when moving between major versions , and to reconfigure things manually (don’t do a restore, or you might as well just select to keep your settings anyway) . That said, you can take the risk and try it anyway. Many times it will still work just fine.

As for your packages , it’s not a good idea to update every package individually when new updates are available - one reason being you will eventually run out of space because the original packages are still there but hidden because they can’t be uninstalled since openwrt uses the squashfs file system. The solution is reflash with a new image (and for minor upgrades, eg 19.07.0 to 19.07.2 , you can safely retain your configs ), and reinstall your packages afterwards.

The first link below contains an easy method of getting the custom packages you have installed, so it’s easier to reinstall them on a freshly flashed image.

Some more info if you’re interested:

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Well, understood.


You'll find it useful to backup the installed packages and restore them after flashing.

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