Cleaning up temporary files due to lack of space

How can you clean up debris from the system?

Use ssh to connect to the device.

Please run the following commands (copy-paste the whole block) and paste the output here, using the "Preformatted text </> " button:

ubus call system board; df -h 

Can I delete the contents of the / tmp folder?

Contents in /tmp are on a tmpfs RAM disk.
No relation to your flash space (like overlay on mtdblock6) ...

how can i free up space from garbage?

By looking at the contents in "overlay", where all your personal changes are. In /overlay/upper directory. 264k in total.

OpenWrt stores pretty much nothing on flash by default, so the only "garbage" you will find there are likely add-on packages that you have installed, and settings that you have changed. All temporary runtime stuff is already on /tmp RAM disk.


Sorry, I don't understand at all what I need to do, please tell me.

There probably isn't any unnecessary "garbage" involved. Your router has only 4 MB flash. There is very little space to store anything extra. Install a couple of small packages and it will be full.

Also Chaos Calmer 15.05 is a very old version of OpenWrt which should no longer be used. But a new version will have trouble fitting at all in the 4 MB flash. So called "4/32" models like yours are no longer recommended for OpenWrt due to lack of memory space both flash and RAM.


Look at the files in /overlay/upper and remove the unnecessary files.
ls -la /overlay/upper and then the subdirectories.

You can also start with du -d 2 /overlay/upper to see the big picture, which directories consume the 264 kB.

Likely there is nothing extra, only the installed packages and settings, but you can check and evaluate.

Like mk24 already said, your router's capabilities are so tiny that you have problems in any case.

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Thank you...............