Clarification on install on D-Link-885L A2

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I am trying to install OpenWRT for the first time on my D-link-885L A2, I found the wiki page with the .bin download file but I just need some clarification(very new to OpenWRT). The page mentions that the A2 revision requires some additional steps, but its difficult for me to make out when the additional steps should be performed. Do I first install the .bin that’s made for the A1 revision then add the additional firmware for the BCM4366C radio that’s also a .bin file. If so is there any guides for such a process.

Edit: Link to the Wiki page on the D-Link-885L

Thanks for all your help.

Please provide the link to the Wiki page you're referencing.


  1. Install OpenWrt
  2. After success - put the file where it says so WiFi works

(The information in the Wiki is pretty straightforward. In fact, it's impossible to perform this step before you've installed OpenWrt anyways.)

Hope this helps.

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Thank you!

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