Clarification about ieee80211w and WPA3 in wireless AP configuration

Is ieee80211w required for using WPA3 personal and OWE?

I see that LuCi sets ieee80211w to 1 (optional) in WPA3 personal mode and it sets it to 2 (required) in OWE mode.

Is this thing that LuCi is doing a recommendation or it's mandatory?
In the wireless wiki page there's no mention of this.

Thanks in advance.

IEEE 802.11W is a mandatory (required) setting for WPA3.

The only reason to diverge from that, would be coexistence with WPA2 (mixed-mode) - but that in itself confuses quite a few clients (which could do WPA3+11w or WPA2-11w, but not mixed-mode with 11w being optional).

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