Cjdns compile problem while making firmware

Hello, I'm a student developer who tries to make a custom firmware to make a startup product. While compileing, The error occured while compileing cjdns. It says There is some problem, so I have to fix it.
unfortuately, Even if I see the log and extract it to TXT, I can`t see the problem.
Somebody please give me some answare to this problem.

complie computer: Ubuntu 22.04 using Windows 11 Wsl
Target product: MT7628 HLK-7628n

troubleshooting file V=sc

Use make -j1 V=s -- the -j1 there tells make to use only a single thread, making the log far more easily readable. The log you have has been done with multiple threads and it's a mess to follow because of that.


Log file using 'make -j1 V=s'
and we also have gcc problem.
make download -j1 V=s log file with GCC
make -j1 V=s log file with GCC

Line 56383 shows the problem: libuv cannot be built with Python 3.10 without patching it. A comment on another project explains the details at https://github.com/OCA/oca-addons-repo-template/issues/80#issuecomment-948531410

You'll need to write a patch that fixes the libuv cjdns uses so it works with Python 3.10.

EDIT: The error appears to actually be with gyp, not libuv, but that causes compiling libuv to fail

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It keep says My conf file is outdated. However I used make defconfig, make oldconfig as well. While seeing error logs, This keeps happening and that leads to complie GCC error 'Cannot find appropriate hash command, ensure the provided hash is either a MD5 or SHA256 checksum.' What I have to do while I'm in this situation?

Delete .config ?

Nope, not because of your config, but because you're not compiling a stable release. Unstable releases are exactly that: unstable -- things can break here or there and you'll just have to suck it up and wait for someone to fix them or fix them yourself, or use a stable release.

The latest stable release is 21.02.3

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