Cisco rv160w need help/suggestions updating old code

Hello, I was recently given a cisco rv160w 802.11ac router. Its probly considered old but Im a true dumpster diver and its great for me. I emailed cisco asking for the firmware source and they sent it to me! Pretty cool. . Unfortunately the code is old and I havent hacked on openwrt in quit some time. The main proc is ls1024ASN7ela, of which I couldnt find any support for that cpu in openwrt, only some of its family using different core arch. its a Arm Cortex-A9 dual core the speed of which depends on what website your reading :slight_smile: I created an older ubuntu chroot and tried to compile, it was originally written when glib was forked and didnt find the exact source of the now defunct glib fork plus other compile errors. I worked thru a ton before realizing it would take a lifetime to continue this way. I was kinda hopeful maybe some tools exist to help update the various source packages, or even some helpful hints/tips to ease the migration. Im thinking if I was to start with new source and simply copy over the required parts Id def need the kernel source, and the freescale folder, not entirely sure what other userland packages would be required to copy over. If anyone has a newer openwrt version that compiles for the ls1024ASN7ela that for whatever reason hasnt been added to the openwrt repo's that would be awesome. I believe this is my first OTC router with replaceable mini-pcie wifi cards, which I think is pretty cool. Being able to use the uart to see what is being used for apps, double check the specs etc would have been great, but cisco disabled the uart, tho they have a script in source to enable it in firmware and then recompile, not super helpful at the moment. Baring that who knows maybe someone smarter then me with similiar router will see this and together we can get somewhere. Ill end with saying Ive always loved openwrt from my wrt54g to present, its been a great project made by very talented people, from my heart thank you!

This is likely to be a long term project as the LS1024 unlike other layerscape processors appears to have never been submitted for mainline linux support. Getting support into mainline linux will likely depend on how much of the support for other layerscape processors is similar to the LS1024. The only 32-bit ARM supported layerscape processor is the LS1021 which is Dual Cortex-A7 instead of A9. If that is the only real difference then support may not be difficult.

Your first step then would be creating an ls1024a.dtsi file and then a specific dts file for the Cisco RV160W. Then you would add the device to the layerscape/armv7 files. However this will only be successful if all of the hardware blocks in use on the LS1024 are essentially the same as those in the LS1021.