Cisco RV082 ver.2

So, I have two devices Cisco RV082 version 2 w/ ADM6996I which I recently bought, just to learn that the last update on those devices is from 2011, and cannot be further updated given that its version 2. However, I still would like to use them, thus was thinking on loading OpenWRT on them, but no image for that device exists in the datebase. I was looking for the image to be able to do the following :

A. Failover
B. Load Balancing
C. Ovpn client
D. No Ipv6

So, I was wondering if there is a pro out there who makes images on the regular bases and knows what he's doing (as I'm far away from that), so perhaps we can come to a certain arrangement and in return he can build me a custom image for that specific device. I hate to be stuck with a product that I cant use and paid lots of money for.