Cisco Meraki MX64/MX65 image support

Hi all, I'm happy to have found this thread! I have both an MX64 and MX65 that I want to re-use. I've read through the years of thread here (whew) and I'm still not quite clear on the process. Is it essentially this?

  • Connect to serial header
  • Interrupt boot sequence by serial
  • Something about the image being on a MBR+FAT flash disk?

Thanks for any pointers to the latest procedure. :slight_smile:

Ooh I found this thread, maybe I don't need serial access any more? That would be handy.

Would be nice if someone could document the installation process on the devicepages:

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I have updated u-boot and the install procedure so that larger kernels (>3MiB) can be used, which should help get the PR accepted. However this means that existing users will need to update u-boot. I've detailed the update procedure in the commit message (not the PR message). While I have flashed this successfully on several devices it would be good if someone (preferably with a spare device) could test this procedure and report back any issues found. You will also need to compile your own images - initramfs and sysupgrade.


I tried the reset-button method, but all I get is a solid orange light that never changes. So I've connected to the serial port, and I can talk to U-Boot, but it seems to be failing. Looks like I have a "small" MX65, which I have along with the kernel on a FAT flash drive. Once I'm in u-boot, how can I get it to go the rest of the way? Here's my boot output: