Cisco Meraki MR33

A continuation of this:

Although the installation has been successful, installing it still seems a bit more difficult than average.

Any improvement in flashing?

hi,i need to let my mr33 run openwrt
this page looks like lost important contents,could tell me how to run openwrt in my mr33

thank you hope you return~~

Please use the forum search first, then come back with specific questions.

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hi,i searched all the pages about mr33 and openwrt,i got nothing about flashing openwrt.

can you help me? thank you

this is my question:

i try to let my mr33 run openwrt,but i donw know how to do this(i have a serial adaptor

flashing needs a serial adaptor, as well as patched ubootwrite utility
(needs Little-Endian support). And a modified u-boot (enabled Ethernet).
Meraki's original u-boot source can be found in:

Add images to do an installation via bootloader:
0. open up the MR33 and connect the serial console.

  1. start the 2nd stage bootloader transfer from client pc: --write=mr33-uboot.bin

(The ubootwrite tool will interrupt the boot-process and hence
it needs to listen for cues. If the connection is bad (due to
the low-profile pins), the tool can fail multiple times and in
weird ways. If you are not sure, just use a terminal program
and see what the device is doing there.

i dont know where(what OS or software) to run this(i have a ununtu OS and a win PC):# --write=mr33-uboot.bin

and i need this

thank you very much!