Cisco Cable Modem in search

Been looking at Cisco EPC/DPC3825, EPC3208G and EPC3925 cable modems. I'm moving on my own and the apartment has cable internet. These all seem to support atleast 300Mbps, so they all would fit well. These also happen to be available in my area
My question is, how difficult would it be to get openwrt running on these? Is the software side especially easy on one of em?


Not going to happen.
On the one hand you have Broadcom, on the other hand cable modems need to cryptographically authenticate their firmware to the ISP.

Hold up, what is this then?

This aswell seems to have guides on flashing stuff.

They are unsupported. There is no build for them.

Cable modems will be outside your firewall, so you treat them and their proprietary firmware as another part of the untrustworthy Internet.

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Huh. Well that's sad. Thanks for the information!

FYI, firmware isn’t mandated to be cryptographically signed, that’d be something like secureboot, but each modem will have its own signed certificate that allows entry onto the network. Usually these certificates are signed by CableLabs root of trust before they’re burned into the modems.

There are custom firmwares that exist, though they are extremely hard to find and even harder to install/use since the only 2 chipmakers are Broadcom (eCos) and MaxLinear (Puma), formerly Intel, formerly formerly TI.

It is possible to “create your own firmware”, but it won’t be anything like OpenWrt and will be largely based on the original firmware running on the device.

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