Cisco 1941 OpenWRT Port?

I have a cisco 1941 router that is unused.I took off the cover and the heat sinks cleaned up the thermal compound and realised that it was a Octeon Plus CN5430 MIPS Cpu and it has a serial console on board that can be connected to usb.512MB of ram internally withh support up to 2GB in the DDR2 DIMM slot and I was wondeing if i can port OpenWRT to it.It comes with a 256MB CF card on board and I used the toolchain to compile an openwrt image but it would not boot.something about unsupported image.Maybe if i tweak it it would boot.Anyway I am going to end of here.

You need the toolchain that is specific to that machine/arch. Without that, it is unlikely it will be able to boot properly, let alone function properly even if it boots.

How do we create a tool chain for this router? And make a working image too?

Do I debug the current image?

No, your vendor generally supplies whatever components that are open sourced as open, and they may even optionally contain build instructions as far as I am aware of.

Well, I asked them for their open source kernel. They asked for my serial number and such. I hope they'll provide the tool chain too.