Cioswi ZBT WPE357

I recently bought Cioswi ZBT WPE357 router from aliexpress.
It based on MT7620A and have 128 mb RAM and 16 mb SPI FLASH.
Also it has USB 2.0 and Micro SD slot.

Does it support openWrt ???
Where to download the file with firmware for this chip???

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@Andrii, welcome to the community!

You can check the support status of any device on the Table of Hardware.

I don't find my router in this list = ((

Yes, according to the manufacturer - they even call it "openWRT wifi router",

I guess it could share the image with some other model. I would open it and check the board name. Just an idea.

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According to specs, it could be a ZBT-WE826 in larger case.

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