Chromecast on local network and guests

Hello! I would like you to help me in my network and how to make the Chromecast in two different networks, that is, in two subnets. This is connected to my "lan" network. I also have another network called "guest". Both in different subnets (, and I do not know how to make the guests see the Chromecast.

Solution in > Bridging mDNS between networks

  • If you're talking about seeing the broadcast packets in another VLAN, that's not possible.
  • If you mean via unicast IP, simply allow forwarding from guest_zone to the IP of your Chromecast in LAN.

See: Firewall Rule for Guest WLAN and Chromecast

(Note the last post lists the multicast posts needed...but be advised that broadcast packets cannot be forwarded in this manner.)

What I want to do, in other words, is to be able to access my "lan" network while on the "guest" network. Those who are connected to the latter, can not access the Chromecast that is "lan", to be in another subnet. It's because I do not want to share the password for the main WiFi, but if a guest wants to send a video to the TV, he can not see the Chromecast. I do not know if it is possible with a firewall rule or something similar.

broadcasts are probably used to "find" the tv and cannot be easily translated from one network to the other.
if you can connect to the tv by device-/hostname then a traffic rule as stated above should work.

So I can not do what I want?

Might you help me? I think I want the second option: allow forwarding.

In Network > Firewall on the LuCi web GUI:

  • Edit guest_zone
  • Allow forward FROM LAN

(Please be advised, that this doesn't fix any packets that would use the first option.)

In "Allow forward from source zones"?

That is correct.

It does not work. You can not see or connect to the Chromecast when I'm in the guest network.

Correct. You have been told why, you need to solve option no. 1:

And with smcroute you can not?

I was going to mention this (I thought I suggested this to you in another thread, actually).

Have you installed and configure it?

I saw in other threads. I already installed it, but I have no idea how it works and how to configure it.

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