Choose a router


I wanted to have advice to replace the box of my ISP by a box, the problem is that I have the free phone, should I take a router ADSL / VDSL, and I would keep the phone Free?

I found this tutorial:

I see the file "vdsl.bin", it is not included in the latest updates? As I understand it is the firmware for the adsl / vdsl works?

Should we keep the box updated at the risk of losing internet access? Or once installed, the adsl works perfectly?

Is your "free phone" analog on the phone wires, or VOIP through the modem box?

You can test this by unplugging the modem and plugging a phone directly into the wall to see if it works to make calls. If it does, it's an analog line.

If it is analog the phone service is independent of the DSL, so you can use any modem. If it is VOIP, usually you have to use their modem / ATA box because they don't let you configure a different ATA.

So if I call you I can take any modem, and connect the phone on it, and I still have the free phone?

I spotted the TD9980, what do you think?

If your phone service is analog underneath DSL, you would split off the phones before the modem. To test that, plug a phone directly to the line with no modem and see if it works.

If it is VOIP on top of the DSL, as is increasingly common, you need their box to run the VOIP. In that case you should configure their box as a pppoe bridge to continue to use it as a modem, and buy a standard router with no DSL modem inside.