Checksum of device consistently off

I have trying to verify the hashfile for my specific router and I keep getting the wrong sha256sum.

Device: Netgear r6120

sha256sum I got: b5904880af66562c4dbeb0c28f24cff19195b834

sha256sum it's supposed to be:

download path:

root index:

That's interesting....

diizzy@hanekawa:~ % fetch ""
openwrt-19.07.3-ramips-mt76x8-netgear_r6120-sq        4026 kB 4414 kBps    01s
diizzy@hanekawa:~ % sha256 openwrt-19.07.3-ramips-mt76x8-netgear_r6120-squashfs-factory.img
SHA256 (openwrt-19.07.3-ramips-mt76x8-netgear_r6120-squashfs-factory.img) = 7629a0d5d58e916f03381f7bac11b87b23ad6686beaae79b1aa000729a86c8cf

I guess you could try https

How do you downloaded them? What browser? I tried wget with http and https and both files are correct.

That is the correct SHA1sum for that file, not sha256sum

What is you currently firmware? Which version on OpenWrt & LuCI?
Did you get that checksum from LuCI?

I have never heard that SHA1 checksum would be calculated by OpenWrt or LuCI, as earlier there was just MD5 checksum, and then it was switched to SHA256 (and I added support for LuCI to show both). So, you getting SHA1 is interesting (if your checksum is shown in LuCI).

Note that you can also calculate the checksum by outside tools. (I just found your SHA1 via hashcalc in PC.)

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