Check packet in queue of router

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Is there any way I can monitor the packet queue at my router? I am researching on a topic which requires me to monitor traffic load at my home router. I want to know details like queuing delay at different time and general things like how many packets are getting serviced at a particular time window.

Depends on the qdisc you use.

You get something like this from "cake"

root@router1:~# tc -s  qdisc show dev eth0.2
qdisc cake 8015: root refcnt 2 bandwidth 17Mbit besteffort triple-isolate nonat nowash no-ack-filter split-gso rtt 100.0ms raw overhead 0
 Sent 506927851 bytes 2359105 pkt (dropped 9415, overlimits 1476683 requeues 0)
 backlog 0b 0p requeues 0
 memory used: 430592b of 4Mb
 capacity estimate: 17Mbit
 min/max network layer size:           42 /    1514
 min/max overhead-adjusted size:       42 /    1514
 average network hdr offset:           14

                  Tin 0
  thresh         17Mbit
  target          5.0ms
  interval      100.0ms
  pk_delay        942us
  av_delay         48us
  sp_delay          7us
  backlog            0b
  pkts          2368520
  bytes       512981879
  way_inds        40376
  way_miss        21430
  way_cols            0
  drops            9415
  marks               0
  ack_drop            0
  sp_flows            1
  bk_flows            1
  un_flows            0
  max_len         20916
  quantum           518

If you are looking at generic high-level statistics, look at either

  • nlbwmon (and luci-app-nlbwmon)
  • LuCI statistics. There are different network statistics available via different collectd plugins. Like this:

@hnyman Thank you very much for your response!

Is there any package that can help me in monitoring every packet at a microsecond rate?
It would be very interesting for me to know processing time for every packet rather than the whole queue as a whole.

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