Cheapest hardware for CCTV VPN?

Hello, I have a 1080p camera that I am planning to VPN tunnel to a NVR over the internet, in another location.

For me to do this, I need a WiFi router capable of VPN clienting the camera and so naturally I think OpenWRT is my best bet.

But I am not sure what hardware to get, ideally I want something cheap and small but not so cheap that it doesn't have enough resources to install OpenVPN or the WiFi signal is too weak, making my camera image quality bad. I plan to place this router 1 room away from where the camera will be located.

What sort of devices should I be looking for? Should something like this be good enough

Don't get an 8/64 device -

Hmm thanks, so I effectively need this to VPN 1 device and that is all, do you think it's not going to be up to the job or unable to install openvpn packages?

Do you have any similar product recommendations? Something that is nice and small like that TP Link and cost effective. I was thinking Raspberry Pi originally, but it's probably 3-4 times the cost and overkill in some aspects.

It'll probably be able to do both, but it's not very future proof ...

I was going to suggest some older version of the PI as well :wink:
Do you need wireless ?

Yep, honestly at the moment cost is the most important factor so future proof is not an issue. I do need wireless, I wonder what will handle wireless better, a PI or the TP Link.

I'm looking to install a WiFi camera long term and want it to run through some dedicated hardware that can VPN it to the NVR network.

Wifi on the RPi is rubbish, because

  1. it's Broadcom
  2. the unit doesn't really have an antenna, but a printed metal ribbon on the PCB.

Not sure the radio can act as an AP, in the 1st place.

Hmm ok, I think I may have to give the TP Link a go at some point then.

Sometimes it's cheaper (and better) to buy a used device - people don't realize the 2nd hand value of the hardware they're selling.

Unless size is of importance to you.

you need to check what's you're max vpn needed performance and check although if openvpn is not suitable you can switch to wireguard that provider better performance