Cheap Wifi Wireguard router


I'm looking for a cheap OpenWRT wifi router which can handle at least 50 mbits wireguard throughput.

It would be great if the router could also act as Repeater so it could be used without a wired connection:

Main router - LAN/WI-FI - OpenWRT Router - LAN/WI-FI Client

I tried the GL Inet Opal (GL-SFT1200) which would be a good fit but I'd like to be able to use the latest OpenWRT version.

I'm based in Germany.


A Fritz!Box 4040 shoud do the job. Very common in germany. You can get a used one for about 30-35€ including shipping via "kleinanzeigen" if you spend some time in waiting for a good offer :wink:
But of course, a 4040 is much bigger than a GL-MT1300 ...

GL-MT1300 can use 22.03.3, I am also using this, why would you think there's no update version?

I need a few of them that's why I would prefer new items.

Sorry, it's an Opal (GL-SFT1200).
I've edited my post.

Then you can probably just get the Beryl?

It's available for around 82 Euro in Germany. I wouldn't call that "cheap" anymore.
I'll try a Cudy X6 and see if that could be a match.