Cheap Routers for VPN


I worked with Xiaomi Mir3 and Xiaomi 4C with OpenWRT and pcWRT and Padavan. those two router hasn't Good speed on Wireguard , OpenVPN , PPTP , L2TP....

Router Prices are around $20 - $30

Someone know any Router with CPU that have built-in encryption "offloading" or any function for get Better speed? Price should not over $40 .


Doubt about offloading for $20-30.

I'd try Raspberry Pi.

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rpi4 with wireguard should go up to 1gbps

We have Problem with connections in our country.
in Single connection you will not get Speed over 3-4 mbps !!!
When I use cheap routers I will get 3-4 mbps with UDP VPN's .... so we need something that can help us with multi connection or something that can improve our speed. I hear about Offloading CPU , ... I don't know is that working or not

You should check first with your VPN provider before buying hardware

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... and try setting up the VPN client on a non/less restricted client, performance wise, like a PC.

You might discover that the ISP caps VPN traffic too.

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